Who Am I?

Just a California girl living in a New Jersey world. 

Happily divorced mother of one (teenage) boy. When I’m not obsessively worrying about the direction my life is headed, I enjoys things like ALL THE MUSIC EVERYWHERE, tattoos, kitsch, flamingos, concerts, tea, reading, baking, singing, hippos, getting down on some Hulu/Netflix, imbibing adult beverages, being an uncultured foodie, funky card games, and trying to breathe life into a year full of bullshit.

Some facts about moi:

I’m obsessed with my hair.

I suffer from depression and acute anxiety.

I love to laugh.

I keep it 💯.  Always.

Less Than Jake, The Flatliners, Amy Winehouse & Oingo Boingo.

I’m a consummate work in progress.

My son is my favorite weirdo.

I’m the most loyal person you’ll ever meet.

I have a ton of tattoos…but I’m constantly wanting more.

I want to be best friends with Melissa McCarthy, Sandra Bullock, and Rebel Wilson.

Any questions for me, please feel free to ask. I’d like to think I’m an open book. ❤️