I’m Not Down

I am anxious.

Questions abound that remain unanswered.  Words halted by mouths too afraid to hear answers.  

I push them down.  

Breathe in and out.  Create meditative spaces that enhance patience, and develop understanding.

I unravel momentarily.

As things remain in stasis, I am visited by the ghosts of relationships past.  The liars, the cheaters, the thieves.  The patterns of hurt and worry burst forth, smothering me…restricting my airways, and causing the ever-present feeling of drowning.  

I am stronger than anxiety.

Panic attacks cannot subdue me.  Tears do not choke me.  I am bigger and badder than the melancholy of a suspended heart.  Today I want to transcend fear.  Transcend self-doubt.  Transcend the emotional wounds.  Transcend any and all things that hold me back.  

I want to breathe easy knowing that things are simple and uncomplicated.  That the paradigm has shifted, and I can quiet my raucous mind.  Others may have failed you.  But if you’ll allow me, I will show you what it is to truly have a partner in all things.  Just you and I.  Equals.  

I cannot promise much.  All I have is the potential for adventures, laughter, deep conversations, political discourse, a shared passion for music, physical compatibility, and all of the love and support a person could ever ask for. 

Take a chance on me.