We Close Our Eyes

Imagine a woman. 

She struggles.  She fights.  She climbs from dark depths.  She breathes fire and moves mountains. When she sleeps the world blurs and fades away, because all life lives within her.  She is strength personified.  She is that which you are, and all that you are not.  She is a cleansing rain.  She is resilience.  She is woman.  She is you.  She is me.

I have lived a life of adversity.  I have wrestled with demons, and spoken with angels.  In my time on this earth, I have done my damndest to breathe life into my surroundings, support those whom I love, and shape myself into the person I am today.  I fail more than I succeed, but not trying is never an option.  

My ideology is this: Take joy in the little things.  Appreciate always.  Live to be grateful.  Share your truths.  Be better.  Help those less fortunate.  Participate.  Let go of negativity.  Be confident in yourself, and your abilities.  Laugh…loudly and often.  Intellectualize and theorize with abandon.  Take chances.  Be kind.  

I say these things with no judgement, no negative intent…I am no more evolved than you, merely self-actualized.  We are that which we choose to be.  Your only limitations being the breadth of your vast imagination.  So have your dreams, be your dreams, live your dreams.  

And never, ever let life pass you by.



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