Glimmer of Hope

There is strength in understanding.

There is strength in love.

There is strength in hard work.

There is strength in living.

Each day that goes by I find that I’m becoming more myself.  Happier, stronger, and more alive than ever before.  I feel the weight lifted from tired shoulders, and my essence returning to me as the moments pass.  I am proud of my journey, and I will never again underestimate the heart that I possess.  I am reborn within my own skin…the same, yet changed.

Growth potential is everywhere, and if I’m being honest, I’m sensing it every single day.  I am as far from perfect as a human being can get, but my acknowledgement and willingness to work sets me apart from the rest.  I know my limitations, and I struggle every day with becoming better.  I’m learning how to dream again…amidst life’s disappointments, problems, and otherwise troubling nature…I’m making it happen.

I am tenacity.

I am pride.

I am optimism.

I am strength.

And I will be love.  ❤️


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