Stand By Me

My son saw his first dead body today.

Originally I had intended to write about the storm and my quiet day at work…and instead I am left feeling uneasy and more than a little shaken with regards to today’s events.  Yesterday I came home to multiple cops, and several fire trucks (lights…no sirens) outside of my apartment building.  I walked up the stairs to find no less than four policemen waiting in the breezeway.  One smiled, said hello, and asked if I lived in 202..I replied with “no, I live in 204” and went into my apartment.  My son had been home all day as schools are closed until Tuesday.  I asked him if he’d heard what was going on, and he said the only thing he knew was that there were a bunch of people outside.  Nothing more.  Everyone eventually exited the hallway and we went about our evening as usual.

Cut to today at lunch, when I get a text from my son saying that our next door neighbor (our doors are three feet apart) overdosed yesterday…I asked him how he knew and he said “because I saw him”.  I’m sorry, what?!!?!?  Apparently he had gone out to get the mail and was turned back very quickly by a policeman and a body on the ground…uncovered.  I talked to my boy for a little while…I think he was a little shaken up, but ultimately doing alright.  I on the other hand was in “mom mode” and internally freaking out.  What do I say?  How do I engage him without being super annoying?  How will I know if this becomes a problem?  Thoughts were racing through my head at a freakish pace, and I will admit to having a hard time keeping up.  Ultimately, I just let him know that I’m here if he needs to talk.  I mean, what else can I do?  What a bizarre situation…

Now, here’s my issue:

Did they leave this guy’s lifeless body in his apartment overnight?  #shudder #wtf

Has anyone else ever dealt with something like this?  If you have, please email me and give me some sort of advice…I feel a little lost (a common feeling as of late)…all of my details are available on this site.


**UPDATE: Our neighbor was murdered outside of our apartment.  He did not overdose as previously stated**





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