Here comes the rain again…

I’ve heard nothing but rain (and about rain) for the last two days.  This tropical storm going to drive me batty, I’m certain of it.  Schools in the area will be closed tomorrow, and I’m still stuck swimming to work.  So much of the dreariness and the wetness.  It looked like it was approximately 8PM until around 2PM when the word became a stunning gray instead of the previously established pitch black.  

Tropical storm “Hermine”…is it?  What a stupid name.  Way to go, weather commission.   You are a bunch of royal douchebags.  

We’re supposed to get 6 inches of rain by Friday…obviously I’ll have to kayak to Publix to get milk.  Good times.  Like Florida didn’t have enough of a rain issue.  Now the frogs run the place and I’m stuck holed up in my apartment like a first class shut in…AND I ONLY HAVE ONE BEER LEFT!  Whyyyyyyyyy???

I know nothing of preparedness.  But I am an an avid googler (Googler?  Is that a thing?) so I’m sure I’ll be fine.  Most of these things blow over without incident and leave almost as soon as they come (HA!).  I figure I’ll be no more worse for wear when the week ends.

Should anything change, or if you’re worried about me (I’m looking at you, Mom)…shoot me a text, or gimme a call.  I’m always available to bitch and moan about the inclement weather.

*End Transmission*



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