Pull My Strings

As we come to the end of yet another week, I’m feeling pretty good overall.¬† It still freaks me out that life moves so quickly as we age…I remember as a youngster the school day took FOREVER and a week was completely unbearable, especially if I was looking forward to something happening that weekend.¬† Now it seems as though my weeks fly by…and don’t even get me started on months and how quickly I leave them in my dust.¬† Life is too short.¬† I’m working on enjoying (or at least being grateful) for every moment.

This weekend begins the big packing push.¬† My apartment already looks like the beginning of an estate sale, and I’m both nervous and excited about getting it all crated up.¬† New experiences, no matter where they’re located, are always a good thing.¬† Since we (STILL PEOPLE, STILL) have no wifi (Eff Frontier)…I will be alternately packing, reading, and watching movies all weekend.¬† Oh, and then a birthday dinner for¬† friend on Sunday (YAS).¬† Good times.

As far as outta state jobs go, I’ve been throwing my resume¬†around like a fiend.¬† Still crossing my fingers for something before October 1st…that way I don’t have to break a lease…but unfortunately life doesn’t¬†care about my time frames, no matter how much I want them to.¬†¬†I just keep rolling with the punches, it’s really all I can do right now.¬† Obviously I’ll keep you updated as to the exciting adventures of me waiting to hear things from people who live far away…lol

Speaking of people who live far away, I talked to someone the other day and was really able to get some clarification and some serious purging out of the way.¬† I feel good about the talk and think that we might just be on the same page once again.¬† It’s been¬†a long time¬†coming.¬† You don’t have to be in love with me to buy me one of (the many) beers you owe me…lol…one day, when we’re ready.

Everything else is pretty unremarkable.  Just trying to keep busy, breathe, and make the most of things as they are.  Not have any unrealistic expectations, but keep as much positivity and hope in my heart as possible.




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