Love Bites

There’s no such thing as the grand gesture.  There’s no such thing as a happy ending (that doesn’t involve twenty extra dollars and a very accommodating masseuse).  Romance novel and movie love isn’t real…it’s a fallacy that women share with other women to keep hope alive.  

RomComs are feminine propaganda.  Just like the famed “Harry Potter” series deludes children into thinking they’re special and have a higher purpose, RomComs have women thinking the perfect guy is out there…and if he is, that he always comes back.  But a lie is a lie is a lie.  

My son and I have watched nothing but romantic comedies for the last three days.  Every one in my collection (though I’m pretty sure I have more comedies and action films than RomComs)…but since the wifi is out (still…ugh…kill me), I’m relegated to what’s in my personal collection.  Every minute is a heart-string-tugging bunch of bullshit.  Human garbage taunting me with these malicious dreams…these unattainable goals.

Now we’re watching “Jersey Girl”…I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed this film…even if Jennifer Lopez is in it.  That’s real life…you have something perfect and amazing for just a moment, and then it’s gone.  Alone with your kid, alone with your life.  Alone.  That’s reality.  

And reality fucking sucks.  



  1. zznewt823 · December 6, 2016

    Reality does suck. But men are lied to in those Rom Coms also. At least in one of my favorites.(Some Kind of Wonderful) even if you are a quirky artist if you stick your neck out you may not get what you want but you’ll get what you need. The reality is you stick your neck out you have it cut off.


    • theditchedbitch · December 6, 2016

      I think my biggest problem is that I’ll never stop. A perpetually broken heart continually picking up the pieces and sharing them with the next fellah that catches her eye. Each time I come back with less and less, but wanting so much more.

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      • zznewt823 · December 6, 2016

        I don’t see you wanting to find Love as a problem. I’ve only been divorced for a little while but have met so many women that are closed off and not willing to to put themselves out there again. But I do see your point that with the help of the Rom com society has our expectations unusually high.


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