Do You Hear That Bass So Low?

Let there be bass. – Leo Fender

So I was listening to “Out Come the Wolves” by Rancid (one of my favorite albums of all time) this morning, when the forever epic Maxwell Murder came on.  Anyone that knows me well knows that I have a thing for the bass (and the player of said bass)…gimme electric, gimme upright, just gimme…and Matt Freeman, well…Matt Freeman is a god amongst men.  If you’ve never been introduced to the bass solo from Maxwell Murder, I shall include it below to give you an idea of both his indecently nimble fingers and genius play style, (dear god, the arpeggios!).  Oh, and if you want to hear him play upright, Devils Brigade is where it’s at…and he does lead vocals as well.  Seriously…it’s too good.

I can pick a bass line out of damn near any song, and that thumping, strumming and deep vibration gives a girl a certain hum of her own (wink wink).  From what I understand, it’s approximately the same frequency a motorcycle revs at…hence the need to immediately propagate the species when listening to either.  And they just stand there, deep in the feels…carrying the whole band, who without them would sound hollow and lacking in depth…content to stand on the sidelines and give the peacocks a chance to unfurl their overrated feathers.  The unsung heroes of the music world and as far as I’m concerned, the only way to go.

Also kids, that bass player stance…dear lord almighty…that lean in…talk about a true thing of beauty.  Plus, if you’re like me and you like a man/musician of a more solid variety…bass players are typically where it’s at.  Their strings are the thickest and their instrument the heaviest…imagine what that does for their dexterity and (ahem) finger strength.  Is it getting hot in here?

But please, by all means, continue to flock to the guitarists and lead singers…and leave all of the bass players to me (says the girl with the f-hole tattoos).


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