All I’ve Got Is A Photograph

Last night I took my son and his new flame to see REO Speedwagon and Def Leppard.  I had won some tickets from work and was excited to share another memory with my boy.  I love taking him to shows and art exhibits and other various and sundry forms of entertainment.  Taking him to these kitschy throw back bands was a great way to show him how alternately cool and lame the 80’s were.  I heard Photograph…life was good.

The only thing that would’ve made it better is if you were there.  We always talked about the shows we were going to see together…even pseudo-planning going to see the Descendents in October (something I am still beyond bummed out about not being able to attend…I suppose I always considered “We” to be our unofficial song).  I feel like we missed out on so much good stuff.  No one knows music or me like you do, and I’m so sad that we have to miss out on all that.  Seriously, talking music with you was the besssssssssssst.  We would’ve had a field day with the bands last night…so much fun to be had at the expense of the aging rockstars…it would have been a blast.  I almost texted you, but restrained myself.  I still find it hard not to share things with you.

Anyway, a lovely experience was had by all, and I feel good about having yet another concert experience under my belt.  I never say no to a good (or an odd throwback) show.

Gotta live while you’re alive.






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