Pack it up, Pack it in…

A lot of feelings rattling around here today.  I’ve been packing things here and there, and I keep finding these nostalgic little pieces of life.  Everything has a story, and the following moments are spent remembering, and then deciding where the memories go.  Some go into a box for the next life, and some go into  the garbage, because some things really are just baggage at the end of the day.  Baggage I do not need.  Not in this life, and not in the next.  

I’m not the only one purging today.  Someone else is busy packing also.  Someone who I care very deeply for.  We spoke for awhile, about packing, about dreams, about support, and just plain catching up.  I miss talking to him more than I can say.  What a bright beacon in an otherwise dark world.  I feel so blessed to have met him…he’s kind of amazing honestly.   But that’s enough for today…suffice it to say that I’m glad we have Sundays, if nothing else.

So many boxes.  It’s funny how we can reduce our lives into 22 square feet.  A lifetime of memories and stuff crammed into such a small space.  This is all we have to say that we lived.  That we were here.  That’s why I want more.  That’s why I want love and purpose and to make a real difference.  This is why the career change (if they’ll have me)…this is why the new outlook.  I want to be happy, and I want my life to mean something…to me and to those around me.  

I’m truly excited about the new things (hopefully) coming my way.  Perspective is a helluva drug, kids.  Be ready and open for new opportunities…take chances…do everything with your whole heart, and good things will eventually come to you.  I’m just waiting on mine.  I know they’re coming.  They’re just around the corner.

Be prepared.  ❤️


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