These Boots Were Made For Walkin’

So, after my son dropped the “you don’t have to stay in Florida for the next two years” bomb on me the other day, I’ve applied to like, 10 jobs in my “dream job” category.  Anyone who knew me in California knows that Social Justice is my dream field.  Working as a Union Organizer has been my ultimate goal since I began my Union activity in 2008.  Worker’s rights…human rights…and the promise of civil disobedience is, was, and always will be my calling.  My dream is to help people realize (and then facilitate) their dreams.  I’m like a guardian angel with a sailor’s mouth.

I’ve applied to jobs all over the continental United States: Florida, Oregon, Washington,  Connecticut, Massachusetts, to name a few.  If one chooses to bite, then that’s where I’ll go.  Anywhere with a Union presence is fair game…except California, not sure I’m ready to go back there…but everywhere else gets a decent shot.

Guys, I am so beyond excited about these new possibilities!  I needed a direction and I’ve finally got one.  My first dream.  



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