Your Song

I think about you every day.  

Anytime I have a breakthrough, a funny thought, or even just a song recommendation, I want to text you.  Share the goings-on of the day with you, just like we used to.  No one asks about my day anymore.  Life’s mostly just me alone with my thoughts these days.  Every day it gets a little easier, but it’s still unfulfilling and there’s a very distinct void…like half of me is missing. 

I’m doing a lot of things to move forward.  Notarizing the divorce this weekend, getting things ready for the move, applying to epic job opportunities (so deeply excited about that),  teaching myself the ins and outs of budgeting (found an app that saved my life on that front).  I’m really getting my ducks in a row.  I hope yours are lining up also.

I had a dream about you the other night…you were sitting on a stage with your guitar, and you played this haunting version of “Silly Girl” by the Descendents…and you smiled the saddest smile, and then you faded away.  I was left all alone in the room, with nothing but the melody floating on the air all around me…I sat down cross-legged on the floor…and then I woke up.  Lost as usual on the rampaging seas of emotion. 

I’m still here.




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