Monday, You Bitch.

After quite a lot of tossing and turning, I fell asleep last night…and stayed asleep.  Luckily, I didn’t dream.

This fine Monday morning I woke up, only slightly nervous as I had gotten some actual quality sleep.  I left my house on time, taking note of some of the dreariest weather I’ve been privy to in a good while.  Rain makes people in Tampa stupid.  Which is funny/ironic, because it rains damn near every day during the summer (for at least an hour), and even occasionally during the “winter” (aka slightly less hot 2nd summer).  Yet Tampons (Tampanians?  Tampatriots?  I don’t know.) simply lose their shit and forget the way a car functions.  Accidents everywhere…so many, in fact that they closed the street that takes me to my place of employment.  I was directed by some caution tape and some unamused policemen back from whence I came.  It took me 40 minutes to get back to my starting point…three(ish) miles…and I had to begin my journey to work via a different route.  So I was approximately 50 minutes late for work.  I am never late for work.  Ever.  F U, Tampons.

Once I got to work, I was twitchy and annoyed from my “detour of douchbaggery”.  I forgot my last Xanax at home…suuuuuuch a big mistake today, dear reader, as I was/am still in need of some legitimate feeling suppression.  Then, a good friend of mine came up to the front desk to initiate emergency protocols because another good friend of mine was having a seizure.  I called the police and waited..nervously, I might add.  Such a stressful experience.  Flashing lights abounded, and emergency people came and went.  I did my usual duties, and waited for word.  Luckily, my friend was ok and going home.  Crisis over.  Back to your stations, everyone.  It’s back to business.

Needless to say, I’m a little beyond high strung now.  Stressed, kinda sweaty (ew), nervous, and totally 100% a hot (literal and figurative) mess.

Ugh, it sucks knowing that your comfort person is gone.  Deep breaths, kid…deep breaths.



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