Why I’m so pathetic:

  1. I fell deeply in love…and I’m still head over heels in love.
  2. His voice and words still comfort me.
  3. I will forever hold out hope that when he’s finally ready for something romantic, he’ll contact me.
  4. I loved this man more in two months than I did any of my previous exes…and we never even stood in the same room.
  5. I trusted my heart…and his.
  6. I believed in a happy ending.
  7. I diluted myself into believing in that romantic comedies were anything like real life.
  8. I bought a dress…and shoes (that will live in my closet as a testament to what might have been…decidedly unworn).
  9. I would rather be alone, than be with anyone else.
  10. I will never be the same.

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