Thank you.

Thank you for being there.  I know you didn’t have to be.  When I needed you, there you were…no questions asked.  That speaks to your character as well as your heart, and I will forever be grateful to you.  

I’m sorry I did nothing but vent and cry.  I’m sorry that you could only apologize.  I’m sorry that I’ve come to need you.  I’m sorry that you bring me the comfort I need.  I’m sorry I won’t be able to ever truly let you go.  I’m just so sorry.  

You are a good man.  The best kind of man, in my opinion.  You give strength to those around you.  Your charm and your sense of humor are unparalleled.  Your quick wit and vast array of knowledge is interesting and endearing to someone like me.  You are wonderful.  You are perfect for me.  

Yet you are broken, and in desperate need of repair (per your own admission).  I wish you luck on your journey.  I know it is one you must travel alone.  I will stand on the shore, and wait for the day that your ship comes back in.  I will watch for its sails and I will see the breaches repaired, even from a distance.  I just hope that too much time hasn’t passed, and you’ve forgotten me.  Nevertheless I will await your triumphant return, heart in hand.  

I want you to be happy, and I wish you well.

I’m sorry about all of this.  

But I’m not sorry about us.  I’ll never be sorry that for one brief, shining moment you were mine.  I will never stop hoping that there could be an us again.  Never.  You are forever in my heart.  Forever and always.  I love you.


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