Jaded and Underrated 

I love Ally McBeal.  It’s always been a favorite of mine.  I’ve been binge watching it for the last week…every chance I get to commune with Ally I do so.  One such episode recently took a good hard look a how people become jaded as they age and lose the ability to just let go.  I found this particularly interesting as someone I know has been struggling with believing in what’s going on right in front of them…when the facts are clearly there.  Are we, as an age group, predisposed to disbelieve anything that strikes us as odd?  As out of the norm?  

When did we stop believing in fairytales?  The prince rescues the princess and they instantaneously fall madly in love and live happily ever after…when did we start questioning the validity of love?  At what moment did second-guessing become the new norm?  The “this is too crazy, maybe it’s not real…” mentality?  When did we stop allowing ourselves to just fall?

Luckily, I’m able to answer that question.

1) We risk getting hurt.  Those of us who love with their whole heart run the highest risk of falling flat on our charming and ingratiating little faces.  But who wants on their tombstone “Well, they half-assed did some stuff.”?  Not I, dear readers…not I.

2) Society tells us that there’s a generally excepted method to falling in love.  You date, and down the road somewhere you fall in societally acceptable love in a time frame people are socially comfortable with.  No deviation.  

So it all comes down to this:

Don’t go around kissing everyone like Ally does (or do, I’m not here to judge)…but don’t let beauty escape you.  Don’t let wonder pass you by.  Stay open to possibilities and realize that everything happens in its own time, regardless of what others deem “acceptable”.  Sometimes things just happen…and these things can be just as viable as those that happened with time, or under other circumstances.

“Fairytales are true…it could happen to you.”


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