The Girl Who Waited or The Talespin of Spinning Tales

Once upon a time there lived a girl.  A girl out of time, out of her element, and (on occasion) just a little out of sorts.  The girl awoke daily, worked hard, took care of herself and others, and did her best to smile genuinely and be happy.  The girl had to work hard for her positivity and she was grateful every day for the gifts received.  

Throughout the girl’s life there had been a bevy of pitfalls that befell her.  The girl managed to keep smiling, laughing, and being the positive force that people knew and loved. There was a strength, and a tenacity in the girl that could not be denied.  She worked hard to bring joy to those around her.  She was love’s faithful light in a dark world.  

But the girl was missing something.  Something she wasn’t quite able to put her finger on.  Something without tangibility.  

Until one day, she met a boy.  This boy was charm personified.  He made terrible jokes, and good jokes and great jokes…and the girl began to laugh.  Her smile took on an other-worldly quality, and her eyes became bright.  She was transported to another plane by this boy.  He took her places emotionally that she had never been before.  

And the girl fell hard for the boy…and the boy fell back.  The two lived in existential bliss for a time…laughing and talking and being simply   happy existing in a world together.  

The boy and the girl were due to finally meet.  This was something they had both been dreaming of for the longest of times.  It was a momentous occasion and both were so excited to prepare accordingly.  The girl bought a dress, and the boy bought a ticket.  So much hope and promise lay within said trip’s itinerary.  

But the trip did not happen as planned.  The two had to deal with the immense disappointment of not being able to finally have the thing they wanted most…one another.  The girl was so desperately sad and the boy even more so, as he felt responsible for the change in plans.  They were bereft and could think of little else.  This brought up other emotions in the boy, and he grew withdrawn.  Not gone, but distant.  Then one day he left the girl altogether, and went on a journey of self discovery.  The girl loved the boy so much, that she said goodbye…knowing that he might not return in the same condition as when he left.  

And so she waited.  He contacted her once in this time to check on her and make sure she was doing alright, considering the circumstances, and she clung to that contact like a beacon in the night.  

In the girl’s heart she knew that if the meeting had occurred, things would have happened very differently.  But she also knew she must acknowledge that these same issues would’ve come up at some point for the boy (he tended to be less fanciful than the girl and more logical in his response to the unknown) and so time perhaps was needed for him to realize his truths.  

And still she waits for the boy.  Loving him from afar.  Hoping against hope that he’ll return to her more sure of his feelings and of his next steps.  The girl dreams of happily ever after.  She dreams of him.  He is her happily ever after.  

To be continued…



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