Oh Oh, It’s Magic…

They love each other…it’s not just enough…it’s everything.  -Ally McBeal

There is so much strength and beauty in love.  Two people coming together and finding not just common ground and a shared adoration, but discovering the fireworks and butterflies and all that entails…this is beyond magical in my mind.  Magic is by all rights unbelievable, but every magician begs for suspension of disbelief.  Magicians know that to receive this  phenomenal gift is worth the faith it takes to truly and wholeheartedly believe in things the rational mind can’t comprehend.  You wind up taking with you the belief that magic is real and you laugh and smile, not entirely understanding what’s happening before your eyes, but enjoying and benefitting from every damn minute.  And from then on you look at the world a little differently.  

Love is magic.  Magic you carry with you always.  You’re not necessarily sure how it got there or the precise moment it occurred…but none of that matters.  You can analyze it and rationalize it until the cows come home and you will never make any sense of what has happened to you.  Sometimes you simply have to believe.  



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