Perspective and Reflection

Dear Linda,

You were a lovely woman…kind, jovial, compassionate.  You were a good friend to my mother and for that I will always be grateful.  I remember seeing you every Wednesday during league play.  You’d sit with mom and you two crazy kids would laugh and talk and cheer us  on.  I have such fond memories of you.

Your passing today makes me take into account the fragility of life, and the transitional nature of the world.  We are given such a brief time on this earth…to waste such a gift is literally unthinkable in its magnitude. 

A life well-lived is so very precious.  I want to be with the people that I love, doing things that I enjoy.  It all seems so simple…live each day like you mean it.  Live it with purpose and love and laughter.  Hold hands with your lover…kiss your child…take pride in the things you do…and don’t let a single moment pass you by, as it can never be retrieved.  Be crazy, take chances…truly live.  Believe in life, in love, in family, in joy.  Enjoy.  

Savor the beautiful moments, and learn from those not so shining examples.  Consistently move forward.  Be kind.  Sing often and as loud as possible.  Tell everyone who means something to you, that you love them…tell them every single day.  Mean the things you say.  Hold on to what matters most, everything else be damned.  Life is short.  Life is so fucking short…

This planet is a little less bright without you in it, Linda…and I promise that I will try every day to be better, to do better, and to live my life as I see fit.  To share my strength and my light with those around me.  I will love whole-heartedly and with reckless abandon.  I will give all of myself, so that those around me might in turn, learn to live and to love.  

Rest in power.  ❤️




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