Our Lady Pizza

I’m excited about life.  I’ve been on my own now for 6 months, working on myself, clearing  the negativity out of my life, and just going about my days being as awesome as possible.  After T left, Martin’s passing, the cancer scare, changing jobs, and other stressors, I’ve still been able to get up, get better, and thrive…honestly I couldn’t be more grateful.

I thought the events of the last year would bring me down…force me to a grinding halt…but no such thing occurred.  I’m better now than I ever have been, and healthier than I ever thought possible.  I’m happy.  Really and truly happy.  

They always say that when you’re not looking you find the person that you’re supposed to be with, and this has absolutely been the case for me.  Everyone who knows me personally here in Florida, (and also my amazing mama), knows what I’ve found…mostly because I can’t shut up about it.  Wanna hear about someone for hours and hours in a ridiculously girly manner…come see me, I’ve got you covered.  (C’mon July 16th! ❤️)

Ok, so here’s my current to-do list:

Wake up


Kick ass


(Also, maybe once a week throw in a pizza…and we’ll be all set.  #squab)



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