One Day at a Time

“One day at a time” isn’t just a piece of nostalgic 80’s tv programming…it’s the mantra  that basically explains how I’m currently living my life.  When uncertainty creeps in, it’s a good bet that the future won’t be anything but murky.  So how does one move forward when you have no clear path?

Take it one day at a time!

This however, is easier said than done.  For me, it takes a lot of grounding techniques, deep breathing, obsessive writing, and the occasional mental meltdown to get myself into the mindset of being “present”.  I can’t promise smoothness and ease, but I am able to guarantee a modicum of momentum in the positive direction of your choosing.  Just keep at it.  That’s the trick.  All I do is fall short, and fall flat…but luckily as long as I keep trying I’m able to keep myself in the moment.

It’s ok to feel things.  It’s ok to be sad.  It’s ok to be angry.  It’s ok to make mistakes.  No one should be expected to paste a smile on their face 24/7.  That’s not reality.  Just tempering those feelings with positive counterpoints will aid you in pulling yourself out of it.  My son and I have this coping technique where if we have a negative thought, we have to come up with two positive thoughts about the same subject.  Gaining perspective on the negatives allows us to reframe our perspective and reshape our point of reference.


I realized that my caps-lock was on after typing this…but I think it belongs in caps.  Do not allow the past to become your prison!  You are not your past.  Your past might have shaped who you are, but it does not define you and it most certainly does not dictate your future.  Once you realize that you can stop tripping over the obstacles you’ve placed in your own way, preventing you from moving in the right direction.

So I got a little “self-help” on this post…lol

I promise to not always be this serious…but some things just need to be committed to “paper”, if you get my drift.


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