New Year, New Me…

My husband left me on New Year’s Day.  This was a devastating blow to my psyche, as I had no idea we were even having problems, let alone the severity of his thoughts on the matter.

Don’t let this knowledge get you down, blog reader, I’m just getting started.  This painful and traumatizing event lead to the eventual blossoming of a path to my own betterment.  Not for any man, oh certainly not…but for me.  Glorious, glorious ME!

This is my journey (clichéd yes, but true nonetheless) to self-actualization, self-realization, self-love, and all of the feelings that go along with that.

In this blog I’m going to be talking about pure, and unadulterated facts and feelings…such as:

Going to marriage counseling with the man that left me.

Dealing with the aftermath (aka damage control) in both myself and my teenaged son.

Positive steps to getting by.

Negative issues that I’m having a hard time getting passed.

Body positivity.

Life as I see it.

The movie “Step Brothers”, as it pertains to my daily activities.




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